Fonte Park goes beyond being just a residential location; it offers a complete lifestyle experience. Embracing this vibrant neighborhood means engaging in a myriad of activities both within the park and the surrounding areas. From indulging in delightful wine tastings to sailing adventures on the picturesque Balaton, and even cherishing heartwarming moments gathered around campfires, there’s a wealth of activities for you, your friends, and family to relish together.

Be part of the
Fonte community

Boating and sailing

Embark on a memorable sailing journey across the tranquil waters of Hungary's Lake Balaton, alongside your friends and family, extending warm greetings to your lakeside neighbors along the way. With your dream apartment in our lively community, you're not just finding a home, you're becoming part of our vibrant lakeside family!

Campfire gatherings

Imagine the warmth of a crackling campfire, the comfort of loved ones beside you, and the taste of s’mores shared under the starlit sky. These aren't just moments, they're memories etched in the heart. Don't forget to knock on your neighbours door and invite them for the fun!

Programs by the Csopak Municipality

Step into the vibrant heart of Hungary and embrace the richness of local life by joining the diverse programs offered by the Csopak Municipality. From summer strolls through the breathtaking Csopak landscape to engaging community events, these opportunities are not just about exploration, but also about forging enduring connections and truly becoming a part of our spirited local community.


Embrace the exhilarating world of Lake Balaton, a haven of infinite fun where you can plunge into its refreshing waters and play until your heart's content. Summer here isn't just a season; it's an unforgettable journey of joy, laughter, and camaraderie, building bonds and making memories that will last a lifetime.

At Fonte Park Csopak, we understand that spending time with your loved ones is the most precious one. Our project is thoughtfully designed to ensure that the residents can create lasting memories throughout the year. Whether it's a summer vacation, a cozy winter retreat, or a springtime escape.
Fonte Park is your all-season destination, offering the
perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and togetherness.
Csopak and its region is a colourful and vibrant place at Balaton where there are plenty to do all year around.


1st of May in Csopak

All-day programmes with craft exhibitors and concerts.

Fighter’s Run Csopak

Cross country running competition from March 25th to 26th

The beautiful mill of Plul

Open from April, each year. An original, authentic speciality.
8,5 km

Balaton Treasure Hunt Game

Outdoor interactive programme for families and groups of friends.

Visiting the Reformed Church of Csopak at Eastertime

Take a spectacular walk.
11 km

Gastronomy and wineries

Open all year long, worth a visit during springtime.

Summer vibes

Kneipp’s barefoot track

The park, where no shoes are needed. Give it a try!
5 km

The famous Jazz Picnic of Paloznak

The Paloznak Jazz Picnic has been organised since 2012.
The event has grown from a small country house courtyard jamboree to a 3-day, 4-stage, 40-concert festival, and from 2015 it has become a pillar of the Very Balaton series of events.
1.5 km

Summer Sports

Organized bike tours, Nordic Walking, the Csopak Beach. Sailing course for kids and adults, water aerobics. Countless and various events, both weekdays and weekends.

Local Festivals

Wineries’ openings, International Arts Festival, ’Olaszrizling’ tour. The well known Csopak Days. Countless and various events, both weekdays and weekends.
5 km

Kékszalag regatta

The most prominent celebration of Lake Balaton and sailing, Europe's largest lake sailing event. The Kékszalag is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who compete, and a huge spectacle for those who just watch and cheer from the shore. The 160 km sailing race is an adventure for all.

Fall programs

Harvest fun all over the region

Harvest procession and ball, harvest food festival, Nordic Walking tours, local feast.


Seasonal beauty, at a well designed cycling rest area. Goes well with a ligth bike tour.

Gastronomy and wineries

The busiest and most wealthy season for visiting wineries and restaurants.

Ultra Balaton

Hungary’s unique trail running ultra race, all around lake Balaton.

Trip to the truncated tower

A historical touch, directly from the Middle Ages.
2 km

Winter time

Saint Martin’s Day

Traditionally, on the 13th of November

Gastronomy and wineries

The best way to warm up during cold times. Slow down and enjoy the outstanding gastronomic experiences!

The Balaton in Winter

It’s just something else. If you don’t know what this means, just visit Csopak’s lookout point, and see.
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Be inspired by the beauty of each season
in Csopak.

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Be inspired by the beauty of each season
in Csopak.

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